We WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited to announce that WE BELONG, my duet with the amazing Dan Navarro, won a Hollywood Music in Media Award on Nov 20th! 
I'm very proud of our win and this recording. 

Below are a couple of our red carpet photos, and there are many more on Instagram &  FB. 

And.. Pardon the expletive... but this is the footage from our acceptance speech here (many thanks to Tod Hillman for this video! Tod directed our music video when I was 8 months pregnant). Music video is here


Huge thanks again to Dan, who co-wrote WE BELONG 36 years ago with the late Eric Lowen (we miss you!) and to Pat Benatar for making this song a huge hit in 1984. 

And many thanks to my husband Nick who engineered this recording and to composer Alex Kharlamov who produced it with us and came up with a gorgeous string arrangement! 

Thanks to all of you for the support and thanks to the HMMAs!!! What a fun night! 

and... see you guys online for our next online concert this Sunday!! 
at www.twitch.tv/MarinaVmusic