Ziplining in Kauai - my first time ever!

Last month while on vacation on the island of Kauai (Hawaii) Nick & I went ziplining. First time for both of us.

It was an amazing experience! To be honest, I was a bit hesitant/anxious because I'm not really an…

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San Francisco, California: Presidio


I love love LOVE San Francisco! I've been to (and performed in) this beautiful city dozens of times in the past, but this was my very first time feeling this relaxed. It was due to where…

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Boise, Idaho

In all the years I've toured (and having performed about 1,000 shows), I can't believe this was my very first time in Boise! We played in Idaho before (the gorgeous Sun Valley), and I am glad we finally made it…

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Seattle, Washington

I have always loved Seattle. It is beautiful and classy, with fresh air and lovely people.
This was my 6th or 7th time there (shame on me for forgetting!), but this was the best experience yet!
I think mainly it…

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Spokane, Washington

It was so good to be back to Spokane! It was my fourth time in this beautiful town.
The first time Nick & I came here we performed at the Spokane Community College over 10 years ago when I was…

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Portland, Oregon: wine country & the city

Oh, the beautiful Pacific Northwest!! I love coming here.
This was my 4th time in Portland - such a great city with a million things to do!
We were here for 2 days while on tour with our dear friend/talented…

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Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany

Nick & I were lucky to have visited Nürnberg twice within a little more than a year. While we didn't perform in this town, we couldn't pass up the chance to see this beautiful historic city. The first time, we…

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Madison, Wisconsin

[This is Part 7 of our September 2017 BORN TO THE STARS USA TOUR blog]

We spent the whole day driving from Lincoln, NE, to Madison, WI. 480 miles, 8 hours, plus a couple of stops.

First, in…

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Lincoln, Nebraska

[This is Part 6 of our September 2017 BORN TO THE STARS USA TOUR blog]

Sept 20, 2017

It was extremely nice of our hotel to let us check in super early.  We were able to get a ton of…

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Marina V travel blog ❤ #SingerTravelista

As a touring musician, I am very lucky to be able to travel the world. I LOVE traveling!
Nick & I try to take advantage of every tour stop and explore as much as we can, which sometimes means choosing exploring over sleep or rest, but it is so worth it!

I love sharing my experiences with you on social media. I started my own blog to share even more! :)

I hope you enjoy my travel stories, my favorite places, my photos and, occasionally, my favorite food recipes!

Marina V (a.k.a. #SingerTravelista)

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